Speaker Chatfield Hopes to See a Regional COVID-19 Plan

The loosening of the stay-at-home restrictions has been welcome news to Republican leaders in the legislature but they say there are still more questions to answer.

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield said the decision to open up certain sectors of the economy was a good one but he is still waiting to see more moves this week towards a regional plan treating northern Michigan differently from Metro Detroit.

Also focusing on what can be done safely and not designate what is essential.

He says the COVID-19 numbers are starting to drop and this is the time to responsibly change the strategy.

“The trends are encouraging the numbers are on a downward trend and we need to make sure that we take COVID-19 seriously but at the same time be reasonable in our approach and I don’t think Michigan has done that yet and I think there’s still a lot more that we can do so I’m excited about the news and the downward trend in the numbers but now we have to start asking us what activities can be done safely because this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we have to realize that and start changing our strategy,” Chatfield said.

Republican legislative leaders are speaking with Gov. Whitmer Monday evening to discuss the possibility of extending the state of emergency this week.

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