Some States Move Forward With Reopening, Pres. Trump to Resume Press Briefings

The number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. is nearing 1 million, while deaths are inching closer to 55,000.

But the debate over how and when communities should begin to re-open their economies continues.

Georgia and Oklahoma began loosening social distancing restrictions over the weekend, allowing some businesses to open back up.

This week states like Montana, Tennessee, Minnesota and Iowa will follow suit.

New York remains the hardest-hit state, and while they’re beginning to look at plans to re-open, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warns it must be done with caution.

”All that progress we made by flattening the curve, we could lose that in a matter of days if we’re not careful,” he said.

Millions of businesses across the country were forced to shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With more than 26 million jobless claims made in the last month, President Trump’s senior White House economic adviser says the unemployment rate could reach levels comparable to the Great Depression.

04 27 20 Pres Trump Press Briefing Mtm VoPresident Trump will hold a press briefing Monday after two straight days of going without one.

On Saturday, the president tweeted that the near-daily press briefings with “the Lamestream Media ” are “not worth the time and effort.”

It comes as criticism continues to circulate over comments he made about the possibility of injecting disinfectants to fight the coronavirus.

Dr. Deborah birx, the coordinator of the white house’s coronavirus response has pushed back against that criticism.

“When he turned to me, I made it clear and he understood it was not as a treatment. That kind of dialogue will happen. I think the President made it clear that physicians have to study this. I think I made it clear that this was a ‘musing’ as you described, but I want us to move on and be able to get information to the American people that can help them protect each other.”

The Centers for Disease Control warns that disinfectants can cause health problems when not used properly.

04 27 20 Italy Lockdown Vo.transferItaly will also start easing lockdown restrictions in the coming weeks.

It comes after the country reported its lowest daily death toll from the coronavirus since mid-March.

Italy is one of the hardest-hit European countries with nearly 200,000 confirmed cases.

Now the country’s prime minister says he plans to begin easing up on some restrictions starting May 4.

That includes loosening some travel restrictions, increasing access to parks and gardens and the ability to hold funerals with up to 15 attendees.

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to offer to-go services and the manufacturing and construction sectors will reopen entirely.

The prime minister says other restrictions will be lifted on May 18.

Including the opening of museums and libraries.

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