Gov. Whitmer Unveils Plan To Restart Michigan Economy

For almost two weeks, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has teased the details to her plan to re-open economy and Monday she unveiled the details of her MI Safe Start plan.

“When I asked Michigan residents to stay home, to stay safe you listened,” says Gov. Whitmer, “You did the right thing and I know it has not been easy.”

The build up will be slow but it is coming.April 27 2 Original

“Stopping is simple,” says Whitmer, “Doesn’t mean it’s easy but it’s simple. Re-engaging is complicated.”

The MI Safe Start plan is the governor’s way to get the state back up and running as safely as possible.

“There’s an incredible amount of work that has to go into assessing risk,” says Whitmer, “We need to mitigate risk but we can’t eliminate risk completely. We need to get it down as low as we possibly can manage.”

The plan will essentially break the state up into eight geographic regions. Within each region, factors like virus impact and common industries will decide what businesses can open in that area. Construction may be the first to re-open, in a week or two.

“If we move forward and everything looks okay for a few weeks, we can look to expand to the next level,” says Whitmer.

This gives the plan fluidity to ramp up or slow down when needed, until the state is fully back.

“There may be instances where we can move faster and there may be instances we have to move slower.” says Whitmer.

Whenever a business re-opens, no matter the industry, workers will be mandated to continue to socially distance and wear face coverings.

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