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Covid 19

Some Essential Workers on Mackinac Island Tested for COVID-19

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The health department started testing some essential workers on Mackinac Island Friday.

The LMAS (Luce, Mackinac, Alger, Schoolcraft) District Health Department says there have been confirmed COVID-19 cases related to the island that have had no recent history of travel.

They began testing essential employees that interact with the public, like grocery store workers, postal workers and medical center staff.

They will also test boat workers.

The health department says this became possible with the state’s increased testing criteria.

“It was decided it was a good idea since the state opened up the opportunity to test another tier of people that are asymptotic and those being essential workers, so we are moving forward with that on the island,” said Kerry Ott, LMAS District Health Department Public Information Officer.

The health department is strongly encouraging residents of Mackinac Island, and everyone, to follow the stay home, stay safe order.

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