Newton’s Road Invites Kids to Enjoy Learning at Home

A Northern Michigan nonprofit is working to engage students at home in STEM learning.04 23 20 Newton's Road Sot.transfer

Newton’s Road works with K-12 youth in Antrim, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau and Benzie counties.

Over the next two weeks, kids in those areas can participate in their Learn At Home: Invention Contest.

Executive Director Barb Termaat says the contest asks kids to identify a problem and invent something that could solve that problem.

“You might just spend the first week coming up with ideas. Whenever you’re doing anything and it doesn’t work in the way you think it could, then you jot down the idea,” Termaat says. “Anything that you can do to have that insight of ‘Wow. If I only had this at the moment. That would make this job easier or better in some way.”

Four winners will be chosen to receive a STEM kit on May 8.

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