Gov. Whitmer Defends National Presence During COVID-19 Fight

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says a loosening of the Stay-at-Home order is coming but the state may not be ready just yet.

This afternoon she sat down with 9&10 News in a virtual one-on-one interview.

“This is this is another good sign that we’ve seen,” says Gov. Whitmer.Whitmer Interview Pic

The numbers are trending toward the positive, Michigan seems to be controlling COVID-19.

“When you look at our trajectory and how we have fallen off that scary top list of states,” says Whitmer, “I think that these are all signs that we’re headed in the right direction.”

But are we getting the full picture?

The reported numbers have fluctuated and jumped due to late reporting and accuracy issues, especially when it comes to deaths.

“It’s hard to get real time data on that particular point but the hospitalizations are where we know it is currently happening,” says Whitmer, “How severe the COVID-19 cases are and that’s really important.”

The inconsistent numbers are just one of the issues many Michiganders have. The past week has seen protests against Whitmer and her orders.

“When people are protesting, that’s their right. They have the right to dissent,” says Whitmer, “I’ve been a protester at different points in my life but the fact of the matter is, our personal liberties are momentarily curtailed for the good of the rights and abilities for others to live. That’s what’s really at stake here.”

Whitmer has been doing national circuits with media as the fight rages here.

“I have done what every other governor in the nation has done and that’s try to get help for our state,” says Whitmer.

She says the appearances are for the state’s own good.

“Every time I get on those national programs, it’s an opportunity to tell a story of what’s happening here,” says Whitmer, “Each time I’ve been on television, I’ve gotten more PPEs in Michigan, more offers of assistance and that is the primary purpose of all the work that I’m doing.”

Her critics say she’s auditioning for a vice presidential nod,preparing to leave Michiganders this summer. She says it’s the exact opposite.

“It’s not because I’m trying to try out for some other job,” says Whitmer, “It’s because I’m trying to do this one as well as I possibly can.”

You can watch the full interview with Gov. Whitmer below.

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