Rick Grunch Retires As Golf Course Superintendent From Belvedere Golf Club After 27 Years


You would be hard-pressed to find a family that loves golf as much as the “Grunch Bunch” in Charlevoix.Rick Golf Vo 4

Rick Grunch has served as the 3rd Golf Course Superintendent since 1926 at the Belvedere Golf Club in Charlevoix. After 27 years in this role he is retiring. As superintendent, he and his family have lived in a home on the course year-round to care for and maintain this world renowned course.

As you can imagine, after 27 years, Rick has plenty of accomplishments to share. “I think my biggest, proudest part of this was I brought the golf course into national renowned fame. I brought it from being an old-school golf course to one of the top 100 courses in the nation,” explains Grunch.

His future plans consist of spending more time with family, going hunting and finding the time to pick up a club for himself!

Congratulations Rick! 



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