Blue Cross Blue Shield Takes Extra Steps To Help Seniors During Pandemic


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is doing what they can for the ‘at risk’ population, especially seniors 65 and older.

During the pandemic, they are expanding their meal delivery programs, doing grocery delivery, providing free telehealth services, and sending out care packages to their members, among other things.

“It was clear we needed to do something different and something extra so we’re actually doing several things to support our members right now,” said Krischa Winright, Blue Cross’ Executive Vice President of Senior Health. “They’ll get a care package sometime around early to mid-May, the reason we did that is because there’s some extra support material that they’re calling for, face coverings, many of them needed thermometers, just based upon the feedback that we’ve heard.”


These care kits will be going out to any senior member that has Medicare Medical coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield of

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If you want to know more about these services, you can call the customer service line at 877-671-2583, or visit their website.

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