Winter Maintenance Wraps Up on MacArthur Lock

Winter maintenance wrapped up Tuesday morning at 7 on the MacArthur Lock.

The larger Poe Lock opened just after midnight on March 25. 04 21 20 Macarthur Lock Open Vo

Since then, workers have been busy preparing the MacArthur Lock.

The Poe can accommodate all ships.

The MacArthur lock is smaller.

It was built in 1943 and seems to be the more reliable of the two.

“The workmanship when they built the Mac Lock was just incredible, especially when you consider it took only 13 months to construct the lock and the quality of concrete is excellent,” explained Kevin Sprague, area engineer with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

The locks will remain open until January 15, 2021, when, once again, they will shut down for winter maintenance.