Army Corps of Engineers Teams Up with LSSU Nursing Faculty to Create Mobile ICUs

The Army Corps of Engineers and faculty at Lake Superior State University teamed up for a disaster and pandemic simulation on Tuesday. 04 21 20 Army Corp Sim Lab Vo

And not in the usual hospital setting.

This simulation was done outdoors in two portable pods that have been renovated for medical use.

The Army Corps of Engineers got the pods from Grand Rapids and retrofitted them with everything needed with advice from LSSU.

It takes about six hours to go from an empty pod to one that can be used as a mobile ICU.

“The mobile unit can very easily accommodate a critical care patient with a number of staff in the room and also the amount of necessary equipment to that it takes to care for a patient in this situation,” said Director of Simulation, Carrie Perez.

After the simulation, Perez met with the participants to discuss the project and get input.

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