Life Coach Uses ‘Healing Through Art’ to Help People Cope During Crisis

Art has a powerful way of changing our mindset and making us feel comfort, especially during times of crisis. Whether it’s music, Img 7727dance or a painting, there’s a sense of beauty and release that fills our minds.

Kristin Fehrman from Traverse City is a licensed life coach, marketing consultant and blogger. She’s using her training and life experiences to help others cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Her blog called, “Mindful In Style” focuses on ways to live in the present and embrace our life’s purpose, and one of those ways includes healing through art.

Fehrman has been painting rocks with gold paint and writing positive affirmations and uplifting words on them. She says rocks symbolize the idea of a solid foundation we all have within us. She then places the decorated rocks in the downtown Traverse City area and near neighborhoods and businesses. Her hope is to possibly change someone’s mindset to think optimistically during this crisis.

She says each of us has a story and when we share our story or experiences, we’re helping each other as a whole. She says finding constants like keeping a routine or looking for simple joys during social distancing is key to helping our minds find calmness.

To see the entire interview from ‘the four’ with Kristin Fehrman check out the video posted above.

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