House Republicans Release Plan to Reopen Michigan, Call on Regional Approach

House Republicans have released their plan to start reopening Michigan businesses and restart the state’s economy. 04 20 2020 Chatfield Plan Pkg 6

A big portion of their plan calls on Governor Whitmer to take a risk-based, regional approach.

“The state of Michigan is very diverse and different regions have been hit in varying degrees,” said House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R-Levering). “I think our strategy moving forward needs to recognize that.”

Speaker Chatfield released the House Republican plan to reopen Michigan on Monday.

“I think a one size fits all approach is the wrong call, and I’m calling on the Governor to be regional in the policies that we are enacting,” Speaker Chatfield said.

The plan would put counties into three different risk categories: highest, heightened and standard risk.

The hardest hit areas, like Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, would see the strictest restrictions.

The others would see more relaxed safety measures.

“We need to tailor our policies and restrictions based on where counties fall into that,” Speaker Chatfield said. “We also need to ensure that areas in Northern Michigan, or in the Upper Peninsula are not being unnecessarily impacted by overly restrictive policies.”

Their plan also does away with “essential or non-essential jobs.”

“Every single worker in the state of Michigan is essential, we have to ask ourselves can this activity be done safely or is it unsafe,” Speaker Chatfield said.

They also call on the Governor to create a transition task force with members from across sectors and industries.

“We want to ensure multiple voices are being heard and are at the table,” Speaker Chatfield said.

Overall, Speaker Chatfield says they want people to get back to work safely.

“We have to restore people’s livelihoods, we have to ensure they can get back to work and provide for their family,” Speaker Chatfield said. “We can prioritize public health yet be reasonable in our approach to battling COVID-19.”

To read the full plan, click here.

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