GTPulse: Dennos Museum Center Teaches Kids in Quarantine How to Draw

I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a parent or a kid right now. I’ve been trying to rack my brain for a childhood experience that could be slightly comparable to the one that kids now are experiencing and the closest thing that I can come up with was a midwinter break that my brothers and I spent in Marquette. My dad was living there for work and we went to spend the week with him in an apartment that smelled like garlic and was different shades of brown. My dad still had to work, so we spent the daytime entertaining ourselves with Napoleon Dynamite and Grand Theft Auto. Spending the workday hours at home to amuse ourselves, there were times I’d get so bored I would nap. I never thought I’d be in a situation like that again, and yet, here we are. I have work and access to people through social media, but it still makes me wonder what today’s kids are doing in quarantine. Dennos Museum in Traverse City is helping to keep kids entertained with an online video series that teaches all ages how to draw.

Draw NoMi was inspired by The Big Draw, a month-long drawing challenge for artists and is instructed by Jason Dake, Curator of Education at Dennos. Jason has a love for drawing and is excited to share his passion for it through teaching,

“I’ve been drawing since I was really young since I’ve been able to. I went to college for art education so drawing and sketching has always been a part of what I do. I really enjoy being able to put basic steps in front of someone and let them go from there. For example, we did one of drawing faces using letters. If you’re a certain age, you’re already writing letters but maybe you haven’t thought about the fact that you can use letters to make faces. Just giving them a premise and letting them take it further.”

He gets ideas for what to teach through special days like National Spinach Day, or Van Gogh’s birthday. He recently did one for Make Lunch Count Day, a day dedicated to getting employees away from their workspaces for lunch.

“It’s not a particularly special holiday or anything, but it’s a way to get out of the house and to support local restaurants so I reached out to Downtown Traverse City and The Filling Station and kind of got an idea of what they were doing for the day was able to highlight the local community for that video.

The drawing videos are for all ages, but their simplicity and inclusion of letters, shapes and numbers make them perfect for entertaining kids and keeping them occupied at least for a little while.

The videos are released every Monday and Thursday and are available through the Dennos Museum social media, as well as their YouTube channel Dennos Museum Center. You don’t need much, just some paper and whatever kind of drawing utensils you have on hand. Keeping boredom at bay can be tough, but local resources like the Dennos Museum are making it easier little by little.

“You can take it wherever you want to go and use your creativity.”


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