Gov. Whitmer Warns Against A Rush To Re-Open Michigan Economy

Governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed Michiganders again Monday afternoon to update the state in the numbers facing Michigan and the future of the fight.

Every level of the government wants to re-open the economy and they all agree that you shouldn’t jump right into it.

People like Governor Whitmer are fielding plans to take steps to get out of this and it depends on who you talk to on what steps should be taken. Talk to Speaker Lee Chatfield and he says essential/non-essential must change to safe/unsafe.Covid April 20 2 Original

Then maybe the next step can be focusing Stay-at-Home for just the vulnerable population. Maybe then Michigan re-opens restaurants and gyms but keep the social distancing rules.

Then possibly a little bit more normalcy, large crowd venues can get up going and economy is at full bore.

“The slow methodical ramping up of different segments of our economy overtime is essential,” says Whitmer.

The numbers are showing improvement. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is dropping and daily testing is increasing.

“At the same time, the yellow line is starting to go down meaning we are getting fewer positive results each day,” says Whgitmer, “This is great news.”

Despite the good trends appearing over the last week, there is still reason for caution according to Whitmer. Michigan isn’t in the clear to reopen yet.

“Robust testing is essential to have confidence about our strategies for safely reducing risk,” says Whitmer, “And re-engaging sectors of our economy.”

Governor Whitmer says more details of her plan are coming soon. She knows people want to work and want normalcy but too much, too soon and we are right back here.

“As tough as right now, that would be devastating to start re-open and then have to come back,” says Whitmer, “To the Stay-at-Home posture.”

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