Cadillac Businesses See Increase in Customers After Stimulus Checks Arrive

Local businesses are seeing an increase in customers now that people are starting to receive their stimulus checks.

Owner of Cadillac Tire, Jason Anderson, says this weekend was the busiest they’ve seen in a long time.

“We had several people who were waiting for those and when they did they called us and said, ‘hey my checks are in, can I come in and get some tires and get the necessary work done on my car.’”

Anderson says it’s because a lot of people received their stimulus check last week.

“I hope that continues and that people can use that money for the best, whether it’s for food, or clothing, or things that definitely, absolutely need and we hope that we can help out anyway that we can.”

Jason Tower, owner of Willow Market & Meats, says business went up for them as well this weekend.

“I’m just guessing that people have been nervous about money, so they’ve been kind of hold off but now that these checks are coming, they’re going to be a little more comfortable doing a little shopping.”

Anderson and Tower say they’re looking forward to the future, getting people the items they need during this difficult time.

Anderson says, “I know that it’s been some pretty hard, trying times and we’re just trying to make it the easiest and the best we can.”

If you haven’t received your stimulus check yet, you can check the status here: IRS Get My Payment

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