New Statewide Program Helps Families Struggling to Feed Kids

A new statewide program is helping families who are struggling to feed their kids during this pandemic.

Michigan is the first state with the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program. Food Assistance Vo 12.transfer

It will be available to students who typically qualify for free and reduced lunches at school.

For those families who do qualify, it will put close to $200 on their bridge card to help over a two month period.

The money can only be used for food.

“One of the top priorities of our department is to make sure that families and children have access to nutritious food and they can put that food on the table, and that’s even more important during a time where we’re going through a pandemic,” said Bob Wheaton, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Right now, the program is set to go until June.



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