Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Provides New Resources for Workers

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency announced Friday that it has developed new resources to help workers certify their unemployment claims.

The agency also announced that it is directing all claimants who need to certify next week to avoid doing so on Monday, April 20, to avoid slowdowns and to keep the UIA’s site functioning properly.

“Workers who need to certify their claims should avoid doing so on Monday and instead certify later in the week during off-peak hours,” said UIA director Steve Gray in a release. “The day of the week you certify doesn’t impact benefit amounts and by spreading out the certifications you’ll keep the system up and running and allow others filing claims to access their accounts.”

Claimants can certify their claim here.

The UIA released a video tutorial and an info graphic on certifying claims.

The agency urges workers to use the system during off-peak hours between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. throughout the week and to stay off the system once they’ve filed and certified claims.

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