Local Leaders Discuss Steps to Reopen Northern Michigan Economy

Michigan is crafting guidelines for businesses to follow once its determined safe for them to start reopening.

State Senator Curt VanderWall from Ludington is one of six senators in a bipartisan group working on guidelines for companies and employees once businesses start to reopen.

“We need to have safe work practices and safe behavior put in place prior so businesses know if I need to do different sanitation, or if I need to have some different gear for my employees, we have that in place already before we just turn the switch on,” said VanderWall.

Traverse Connect President and CEO Warren Call is also working with northern Michigan businesses so they can safely re open. That means following plans for modified social distancing and cleaning. Call says they’re also working to address the funding that will be needed.

“We’ve had so many huge impacts economically and Health wise that it really does change the way that businesses operate. As we get back to normal or whatever the new version of normal is we know for an absolute fact that most businesses need some kind of bridge loan some kind of liquidity support to weather this storm,” said Call.

And leaders in Lansing and in northern Michigan say reopening the state must happen in phases.

“Ultimately it comes down to is we can’t just turn the switch on here in May and if we don’t have a plan out together it’s going to be total chaos,” said VanderWall.

“It’s going to be a phased approach. Everyone, every individual, every business, every operation is going to be different and operate differently than they had in the past,” said Call.

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