GTPulse: Create a Calm Bedroom Atmosphere, Tips From a Traverse City Interior Designer

I’m gonna have no molars after this. In between being awake from my (very heightened) insomnia, I sleep, and while I sleep I grind my teeth. I wake up with a sore jaw, headache, and covered in a thin film of sweat gone cold. I know I’m not alone in having sleeping problems, especially as of late, so I talked to Paige Maurer, a Traverse City interior designer on how we can create a bedroom that is calm and conducive to sleep.

1. Placing Your Bed

Where you position your bed has an impact on how comfortably you sleep, according to feng shui. “A big rule of thumb is to not have your head below a window if you can,” Paige said. “The thought behind that is that while you’re sleeping your energy needs more protection, so not being exposed to the outside makes you feel less protected.” Another common rule is to have the bed facing your door, but not perfectly aligned with it. “You want it offset from the door. If you have your bed sitting against the same wall as the door, kind of close to the door, you’re going to feel on alert. It can feel like someone can come up behind you versus you being able to watch the door, so to speak.” She also said that having the bed accessible from all directions is better for energy flow than having one side of the bed pressed up against the wall.

2. Creating Calm

“I think removing clutter from your bedroom is really important. Less is more in there.” Having a clean bedroom feels good to fall asleep in and wake up to, and we shouldn’t be doing much more than sleeping in the bedroom. For everyone working from home right now, it can be tempting to grab the laptop early in the morning and crawl back into bed, Paige advises against this. “Getting rid of as many electronic devices in the bedroom as possible is always a good idea.” Does that include a TV? Of course. The light from any kind of electronic device isn’t going to help you get to sleep. Paige also noted that aspects like using soft, pastel colors instead of bold colors are better for being able to get to sleep.

3. Anchoring Your Bed

Putting a rug underneath the bed helps to make your space feel more centered and stable. “If you have a wood floor or something like that, using a rug to ground out where you are is not only comfy when you get up in the morning, it really helps define the bed.”

4. Mirrors 

Everyone has an opinion on mirrors, my mom, my old dance instructor, the guy on acid at every house party, and understandably so; they’re tricky. “It’s not recommended to put mirrors in a bedroom because they give off a lot of energy. It’s reflecting the energy in the room back, so it’s almost like doubled up energy in the space. If you wake up in the middle of the night and see yourself in it you might feel a little disoriented. Sometimes looking in a mirror can be uncomfortable.” Paige said if you want a mirror in your bedroom she suggests putting it somewhere it won’t reflect light that keeps you awake, and somewhere you won’t be able to see yourself if you wake up. Wait, so that ceiling mirror wasn’t a good idea?

5. Plants

I’m a big advocate for houseplants. They make me happy and have instilled a sense of pride and care within me. Their benefits go beyond feeling good about taking care of something, too.

“They help purify the air, I don’t think you can go wrong with what kind of plant you use but there are a handful of plants that are good for your bedroom.” Snake plant, also called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue releases oxygen at night, making it a great bedroom plant. “Some other ones that work really well are lavender and jasmine. They help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.”

So, there you have it. A few ways to help you find more rest at night. All of these aspects work together to help sleep but the best way to enhance your sleep health is to properly nourish and hydrate yourself, and to set an intentional before bed routine that you’ll stick to. Sticking to a schedule might sound silly right now, and when people say it I have to resist laughing. It seems absurd to care about something like a schedule while we’re in the midst of a pandemic and every day at home looks the same, but sleep is something that deserves your time and care. We can’t control what’s happening in the world, but we can control how we take care of ourselves.

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