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Grand Traverse Region Urgent Needs Fund Donation Match Challenges Community

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The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation started an Urgent Needs Fund about a month ago.

Now the community is stepping up to help.

The Urgent Needs Fund is being used to help nonprofits, governmental and educational organizations that are helping provide needs for the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The fund has raised more than $350,0000 in commitments so far.

Alison Metiva, vice president of strategic engagement and programs, says Rotary Charities of Traverse City is challenging the community with a dollar-to-dollar match up to $50,000.

“For individuals that are looking for a way to be helpful and supportive and have the ability to make a donation, this is a really great option. And now is a really great time because that gift can be doubled immediately. So when you give $25—that immediately means $50 of impact. So it’s a really powerful way to increase what you can do as an individual.”

The Community Foundation has already been able to award $186,000 in grants to support a number of organizations.

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