Gov. Whitmer Comments on Easing Restrictions

Governor Whitmer said we have saved lives with the stay-at-home order and she explained some of the criteria she’ll use when re-engaging the state’s economy.

The governor says she’ll look at how much contact workers in certain industries have with the public, whether they work indoors or outside, and if they use shared tools among other things.

For the first time, the governor said she will consider first easing restrictions in regions of the state that have less risk.

But she says she has no doubt social distancing has saved lives.

“This is what we have done through our stay home order. We have dramatically flattened the curve. We may never know how many lives we saved. But there’s no doubt our work, our sacrifice, has meant something and helped us get to a place where we may be able to start engaging in the near future our economy,” said Whitmer

The governor also said she hopes if there is another protest in Lansing of her actions, that those protesting practice social distancing.

She’s expected to release more details of her plan to re-engage the economy next week.

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