Science with Samantha: Bouncy Egg Experiment

Have you ever seen a raw egg bounce? Well here is why this one will! The shell of the egg consists of calcium carbonate and when Imagethat comes in contact with the vinegar a chemical reaction occurs. This reacting produces carbon dioxide that breaks apart the shell. You may also notice that your egg is growing over time! That is due to the fact that the egg has a semi-permeable membrane. That means some of the vinegar is being absorbed into the egg. 

Ingredients Needed: 

  1. Egg
  2. Glass
  3. Vinegar 

Some Questions To Prompt The Activity 

  1. What do you think will happen to the egg? 
  2. Why do you think the egg is bigger?
  3. Where did the shell go?

Experiment Steps:

  1. Place a raw egg into a glass jar. 
  2. Pour enough vinegar in the jar to cover the entire egg. 
  3. Let the egg sit in the vinegar for 1 to 3 days! 
  4. Remove the egg, rise off, and observe the missing shell and how one can now see through the egg!
  5. Very gently bounce the egg, but beware that it can break! 


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