Munson Healthcare Furloughing Some Employees

Munson expects about a couple hundred employees will have to go on furlough as some of their clinics have seen a dramatic drop in patients.

Employees will be without working hours but will keep all of their benefits.

“We think social distancing is the right thing to do, but it does have a dramatic impact on some of our facilities,” said President of Munson Healthcare Ed Ness.

The fight against coronavirus continues inside Munson Hospitals across northern Michigan. But some of their clinics have seen a 50 to 60% drop in patient numbers with no elective surgeries and outpatient visits.

“Our financial projections are that we’ll lose 7-10 million per month as long as this current situation stays in effect. We hope that’s more temporary, but we have to make some adjustments for that dramatic change in volume and when we’re seeing patients,” said Ness.

That means furloughs and reduced work hours.

“It really depends on the facilities, we have programs like child care which is closed so those are some group of employees that really their hours are reduced, and they work in our pool. In other cases it’s changes to our cafeteria and some of our clinics so it kind of depends on the facility and the impact this has had on them,” said Ness.

And Munson says it’s difficult to say how long the furloughs will last.

“Our hope is that things, I won’t say they’ll return to normal, but we can start doing elective surgeries again and start doing more procedures, as many as possible, and employees can come back to work as soon as possible,” said Ness.

Munson is also looking at state and federal funding options to help with the situation and hospital leadership is taking a 20% pay cut.

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