Michigan Senators Answer Questions at Virtual Town Hall

Michigan Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters answered your questions on Thursday night about Michigan’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The event was hosted by Detroit television stations who asked the senators about a wide range of topics.

That includes Michigan’s economy, healthcare workers getting laid off and when people will return to work.

Senator Stabenow emphasized that the national focus on broad testing is a major key in getting things going again.

“What we really need is to be able to have a quick test. So I have a test or you know, a nasal swab and when you are then going into work you can take a test and feel confident you can go to work and your employer can feel confident that can happen if we have a national focus on testing,” said Senator Stabenow.

Senator Peters touched on the fragile state of rural hospitals and how the loss of nonessential procedures is costing them money.

“They don’t have the resources that some of the more urban suburban hospitals have they’re really right on the edge and they can easily fall off that edge without additional resources from the federal government,” said Senator Peters.

Both Senators praised the Detroit Big 3 auto manufacturers, for shifting their production to make ventilators and PPE.

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