Manistee Public Safety Director Delays Ludington Position to Help Manistee

Last month, the Manistee Public Safety Director Tim Kozal announced he was leaving, accepting the position as the new Police Chief in Ludington. Now, Kozal’s asked Ludington for a delay to help Manistee during these unprecedented times.

“The community comes first, the men and women who work and at the fire department come first,” says Kozal.

This Friday was supposed to be Kozal’s last day as the Manistee Public Safety Director.

Kozal says, “This not really about myself, this is more about our officers and the men and women who work here that serve our community daily.”

This comes as three officers tested positive for the coronavirus and four in quarantine. Out of the four quarantined, three are back to work now after showing no symptoms, while the fourth is still recuperating at home.

Kozal says, “Right now we’re in unprecedented times throughout the country but also here in the City of Manistee, specifically with the police department.”

Kozal oversees both the Manistee City Police and Fire Departments. Manistee City Manager Thad Taylor says the decision to stay was admirable:

“He’s very committed to the police and fire department here in Manistee, he doesn’t want to leave our community in a lurch, under these new and uncertain times,” says Taylor.

The City of Ludington says they also respect Kozal’s decision.

“Not only is it a good neighbor thing, but I wouldn’t want or expect someone who’s coming to be the police chief here in Ludington to leave their community in a bad spot,” says City Manager of Ludington Mitchell Foster.

Kozal says the two departments are taking it week by week, working together to keep their communities healthy:
“I would like to see this thing through and not just leave the city in the worst,” says Kozal.

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