Governor Whitmer Comments on Executive Orders, Gridlock Protest

Wednesday afternoon, the governor addressed Michigan about the state’s fight against COVID-19.

We learned she signed an executive order extending the expanded capacity for childcare services for essential workers until May 13.

The governor says this ensures workers on the frontlines will have access to childcare.

She also signed an executive order to better protect nursing homes and long term care facility residents and staff by ordering facilities to have separate units for residents who test positive for the virus.

It will also supply staff in those units with PPE.

The governor said on Wednesday that the state now has enough PPE to last for a few days.

As for the crowds defying the stay-at-home order, Governor Whitmer said she supports their free speech rights, but says gathering by the thousands was reckless.

“This is a hard time but the good news is that the vast majority of people in our state are doing the right thing. And it’s pushing the curve down our person that we work with so often from FEMA acknowledged that the build out of suburban showplace which is originally slated to be a thousand bed facility is now 250 bed facility. We’ll have the capacity to increase that if it’s necessary but because of this stable order. It might not be,” said Gov. Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer says her decision to re-engage the economy will be based on scientific data and she will not risk a second, more severe wave of infection.

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