Gus Macker Tournament in Ludington is Postponed

One weekend every summer, Stearns Park in Ludington is transformed into the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament.

Now, the Ludington Chamber of Commerce postponed the event that was supposed to start on June 20.

The city says they normally see around 20,000 people come to town for it.

That amount of people more than doubles the population of Ludington, having a huge economic impact on the community.

The city says businesses aren’t the only ones that will be affected.

“But it doesn’t just impact our local businesses. There are nonprofits that benefit directly from it and use it as one of their largest fundraisers. Whether you’re talking about Ludington Area Schools, Mason County Eastern Schools and their sports teams or even the local rotary organization, so it can have a significant impact on those organizations as well,” said City Manager, Mitchell Foster.

The chamber is looking for alternative dates later in the year, but if those aren’t possible, they’ll have to cancel the tournament.

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