91 Year-Old Cheboygan Woman Beats COVID-19, Welcomed Home with Drive-By Parade

A 91-year-old Cheboygan woman was welcomed home Saturday with a special drive-by parade after spending time in the hospital battling the coronavirus. 04 13 2020 91 Yr Old Covid Survivor Pkg 6

Lucille Scheele spent 17 days of battling the coronavirus at McLaren Northern Michigan.

“We were scared because we knew we couldn’t go see her, it was real,” said Janet Aldrich, Lucille’s daughter.

It was scary for her family, but they knew Lucille has a lot of fight.

“Mom was so weak so just said she wished no one would get this,” Janet said. “We told her she couldn’t give up.”

“They didn’t want me to give up,” Lucille said. “You’ll have to fight it or somebody will have to help you fight it.”

While they couldn’t be there physically cheering her on, they relied on pictures, phone calls and prayers to help her fight.

“We just said you got to keep fighting and we got a prayer chain going,” Janet said. “We just love her so much.”

Once better, her family knew they had to do something extra special to welcome her home by putting together a parade full of loved ones and well-wishers.

“We were pointing out all the friends and family, a lot of people in town know her and lots of friends and relatives and family and they were all driving through,” Janet said. “It was very emotional, very touching.”

“I was surprised,” Lucille said. “They must have remembered me.”

Her family is happy to have her home, and forever thankful for those healthcare heroes who helped Lucille fight.

“They’re there for us, they’re there taking care of our families when we can’t see them,” Janet said. “She said she’s pretty impressed with them.”

“Oh yes, they did a good job,” Lucille said.

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