Rep. O’Malley Responds to Medilodge COVID-19 Request

We have an update on the possibility a Grand Traverse County nursing home could soon take in COVID-19 patients. 04 10 2020 Medilodge Taking In Patients Vo 6

State Representative Jack O’Malley now tells us Medilodge Grand Traverse County has asked the state for permission to take in coronavirus patients.

A Grand Traverse County Health Department spokesperson first told us it will happen, the health department then told us it could happen.

Now, State Representative O’Malley says Medilodge has filed with the state’s licensing agency to take in an overflow of patients.

That request comes as the governor asked what facilities in the state could handle this.

The request is still pending.

A Medilodge spokesperson declined an interview, but released a statement saying the intent of the request is to ensure the state they could meet local needs, and take in patients discharged from local hospitals.

Saturday, the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office released a statement on the matter. They said “[the] office has received calls asking that we prohibit transfers. The Governor’s Executive Order 2020-42, however, does allow the transferring of patients from one facility to another. Consequently, neither my office nor the health department have the authority to prohibit such transfers.”

“Additionally, it is important, especially during these unprecedented times, that we continue to work regionally to provide the best possible outcomes for people in need. Please know that there are many community leaders who share concerns about bringing COVID-19 patients from more widespread areas to our local long term care facilities. We will continue to speak with those at the state level who have the authority to make decisions regarding the safest distribution of COVID-19 patients in long term care facilities. We will also provide updates as quickly as we are able.”

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