Mount Pleasant Nurse Makes Masks for Those Hard of hearing

A northern Michigan nurse is making a new type of mask to help the hard of hearing. Bloomfield

Sarah Bloomfield works at Woodland Hospice House in Mount Pleasant.

She says she got the idea after the home started implementing universal masking.

One of her coworkers is hard of hearing and reads lips.

This means most masks are problematic.

There are specialty ones made for this kind of situation, but they’re on back order.

“My hope is people will get the pattern I have created and start sewing them. Because there is a huge need, and I can’t produce very many. So I’m just hoping other people will start making them,” said Bloomfield.

Sarah hopes if you know how to make a similar mask that you donate them where they’re needed.

If you’d like to craft one yourself: Communicator Face Mask

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