Michigan History Center Seeks Stories for COVID-19 Project

To see Front Street empty in Downtown Traverse City on a Friday night is historic.

Michigan History Center has taken notice of historical moments like this all around the state during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now collecting stories and artifacts from the people living through this historic time.

Director, Sandra Clark says, ”We thought, ya know, We’re making history right now and we need to collect it right now.”

They want to create an archive that people can look back on and understand how people were feeling during this uncertain time.Screen Shot 2020 04 10 At 10.15.42 Pm

“We really want to get people’s immediate reactions to it. We’re also going to want to come back a little later and get peoples more thoughtful reactions to it after it’s all over,” said Clark.

On Michigan History Center’s website they have created a digital museum of photos they have already received.

And have a link where you can submit or own photos.

Clark says, ”You don’t really know how this is effecting everybody everyday, and that really what we want to create with this project.”

Michigan History Center wants participants to get creative.

Arts for All of Northern Michigan Director, Grace Hudson, says that making art during this time can be therapeutic.

“The fact that you are expressing yourself and you’re getting that out on paper and working through those emotions is therapeutic,” said Hudson.

And the work you submit can be simple.

Hudson says, ”Maybe what you really miss or what you hope to see when we call come back together.

To find information on the Michigan History Center’s COVID-19 project, click here.

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