Fife Lake DDA to Send Relief Checks to Local Businesses

Family-owned businesses are getting hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

But there’s a little bit of relief for shops and businesses in Fife Lake.

The Fife Lake Downtown Development Authority has decided to mail checks to the 13 businesses in the district to help them through this unprecendented time.

From hair salons to insurance agencies, each business will get thousands of dollars from the DDA.Screen Shot 2020 04 10 At 2.13.52 Pm

The DDA board was able to find money in their emergency and event funds to help out. The board president says it was a no-brainer to give to the businesses; many of which are closed or have shut down for the time being.

“Everybody is more than happy and the thing is, the end result is we want to still have a town when this is all over. And that’s what the DDA is for, is to support our businesses,” said President Katrina Gauld.

The DDA will be mailing out the checks Saturday.

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