Michigan’s May Election Will Be Mostly Be Done By Mail

Michigan was able to complete its presidential primary right before the COVID-19 crisis took over the state.

In just under a month, Michigan will have another election on May 5. This election will be mostly done by mail-in ballots.

To avoid people going to the precinct and voting in crowds any district that has an election will be sending applications to voters to receive an absentee ballot. Voters can also go to their local clerks office to vote absentee right there.

Many precincts made the decision to move their ballot measures to August instead of worrying about a low turnout in May.

“A number of communities decided not to have their election on May 5 and move it up to August so the remaining communities are ones that were like school districts that really need to know if this funding is going to be approved before August before the school year begins,” says Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, “You can expect to receive an application to request an absentee ballot at your home if you haven’t already.“

The August and November elections are much larger. but the same protocols will be used if needed for those elections if COVID-19 is still hanging around.

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