Grand Traverse Co. Health Department Releases Emergency Order for Essential Businesses

Governor Whitmer’s executive order announced the closing of all non essential businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On Thursday, the Grand Traverse County Health Department released their own emergency order to make sure the businesses that do remain open are keeping their customers and employees safe.

Grand Traverse County Health Department Health Officer, Wendy Hirschenberger says, “Essentially protecting the employees and ensuring that they have the correct spacing for customers and employees.”

The Grand Traverse County Health Department’s emergency order states that all essential businesses are required to screen employees for the virus, provide a visual marker for what six feet looks like, and maintain social distance. They also have to post the order on their door.

“Social distancing is really the best public tool right now that we have to beat this virus,” said Hirschenberger.

Some businesses are already making changes, including the Grand Traverse Distillery.11860d83 1d84 48f8 98db Cb61a834406f

 “We’ve got barriers so that when someone comes in now there’s only two places where you stand. We put some ropes up away from our cash register and sampling bars,” says owner, Kent Rabish.

Appearance Unlimited Auto Shop is making sure to use disinfectants and protective gear.

Owner, Michael Autry says, “When we enter a car now, we disinfect them, ya know the cabin area. So that we’re not moving the bug from car to car. PPE for me on a daily basis is hand sanitizer for anything I touch in the car, gloves, and my respirator to keep my face protected.”

 Right now, the Grand Traverse County Health Department says these steps are necessary to prevent the spread.

“Normally we have clinical things we can put in place. We simply don’t have that with COVID-19,” said Hirschenberger.

The Grand Traverse Health Department says these guidelines still remain in place until the end of Govenor Whitmer’s Stay at Home Order.

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