COVID-19 Mobility Report Shows Decrease in Activity Statewide

Google put together a report showing how communities are moving around differently since the coronavirus crisis using location tracking data.

The Mobility Report data is from the end of March and breaks it down by category.

The numbers are not exact, but do paint a picture of how activity statewide has dwindled since the stay-at-home order went into effect.

Overall in Michigan, retail and recreation were down by 58% from the average, 28%t fewer people went to the grocery store and pharmacy, and 43% fewer people went to their workplace.

The only thing to see a boost? Park visits.

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In Grand Traverse County specifically, retail and recreation dipped 60%. They saw a 30% drop for grocery and pharmacy visits, with 43% fewer traveling to work.

It’s a similar story in Isabella County, with significant drops in all three categories. There are now 22 confirmed cases there with two deaths.

That trend continued in Chippewa County with an exception for grocery and pharmacy visits which saw just a 3% drop.

To check out the full Mobility Report, click here.

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