Federal Grant Funds New Breathing Equipment for Local Fire Departments

Cedar Area, Leland, Leelanau and Blair Township Fire Departments received a nearly $350,000 grant for new breathing equipment. 

The money came from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant. Blair Fd Grant

Those funds paid for 90% of the equipment and the townships paid for the other 10%. 

The air packs they purchased go on the backs on firefighters and are used in environments that are dangerous to breathe in. 

The equipment being used before this purchase was around 10 years old. 

“Our departments and our firefighters will have the best technology that they’re wearing and pretty much, it’s their life line as they’re going into an environment where they can’t breathe, this is what allows them to breathe in those situations,” said Bill Parker, the fire chief for Blair Township Emergency Services. 

The departments are going through training with the new equipment this week to be prepared for the next time they’ll need to use it.