Munson Health Care Changing Visitor Policy, Implementing Universal Masking

Munson Health Care says they are enhancing their visitor policies and implementing masks for patients and staff in clinical areas.

The organization expresses this is in response to the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the region.

Universal masking will go into effect starting Saturday at all hospitals and Monday in ambulatory clinics, community health centers, and hospice,

The goal is to help protect staff, patients and visors if they come into contact with carriers who are asymptomatic.

The policy means all employees and providers must wear surgical masks while in a patient care facility.

Patients and visitors can wear a provided mask or their own hand made or purchased mask.

Munson also says all visitors are prohibited at clinical areas except for:

  • Pediatric patients: one caregiver
  • Obstetrics patients: one birthing partner or support person
  • End of life patients: one visitor
  • Surgical patients: one visitor
  • Individuals performing government functions

Visitors with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are also not allowed access unless they are seeking treatment.

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