Meijer, Walmart and Target Changing Store Operations During Coronavirus Pandemic

Grocery store chain Meijer taking new steps to keep their staff and customers safe.

The company is asking families to limit the number of people who go on shopping trips.

In general, it is best if just one person per family goes on a grocery run.

Meijer also says they plan to:

  • track and limit the total number of customers inside the store
  • monitor for social distancing
  • screen staff for COVID-19 symptoms
  • install cough shields at all check-out lanes and pharmacies.

Walmart is also taking similar steps

They are cutting store capacity by almost 80 percent.

Starting Saturday, stores will allow no more than five customers for every one-thousand square.

The store will only have one entrance open at a time.

In most cases, it will be the one marked for groceries.

Customers will be counted before being allowed inside.

Once it reaches capacity, they will only be allowed in once another person leaves.

Retail chain Target also plans to start limiting its capacity.

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