New York: Ventilators Run Out in 6 Days, 2 Cruise Ships Allowed to Dock in Florida

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The number of global coronavirus cases has now topped 1 million.

Nearly a quarter-million cases are in the U.S. where many states are running dangerously low on medical supplies.

New York’s governor says the state could run out of ventilators within six days.

Healthcare workers are speaking out about the shortage of personal protective gear, like gowns and masks.

To combat the shortage, New York City’s mayor is urging people to shield their faces with protective clothing, rather than medical masks.

The Trump administration responded by saying states should have stocked up on these necessary supplies in advance.

“Long before this pandemic arrived, they should have been on the open market just buying, there was no competition, you could have made a great price,” the president said.

The Trump administration is expected to release new federal recommendations on wearing face masks when going out in public.

The president also announced new recommendations for nursing homes, including keeping healthy and sick residents in separate areas.

In this update, two cruise ships quarantined off the coast of Florida have been given permission to dock.

And some passengers were even allowed to get off.

The Zaandam and Rotterdam docked at Port Everglades in south Florida Thursday after being held offshore for days.

Some sick passengers were rushed to the hospital, but others who tested positive for coronavirus or showed symptoms of the illness will be kept on board for further evaluation.

Healthy passengers were allowed to get off and go home.

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