Michigan WIC Assistance Program Expanding Food Options

The state is expanding food choices for families using WIC food assistance.

Effective this week, WIC shoppers will be able to choose from more options to help them feed their families through the coronavirus crisis.

WIC usually limits food by category, brand and package size, but those rules have been loosened as many stores are seeing emptier than usual shelves and some things are getting harder and harder to find.

The new food guide has more options for cereals, bread, pastas and other grocery store staples.

“So some WIC clients are experiencing going to the grocery store and finding that the shelves are empty or that their specific brands of bread are no longer available,” said Grand Traverse County health department registered dietician Becca Noonan. “This expansion just allows for some flexibility and increased access to nutritious foods.”

If you’re out of a job because of the pandemic and believe you may now qualify for WIC assistance, contact your local health department or municipality.

In Grand Traverse County, you can call 231-995-6112 or visit https://www.grandtraverse.org/642/WIC for more information.

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