Traverse Health Clinic Uses New Method to See Patients

Going to the doctor in person can be difficult as people take steps to protect against the coronavirus.

It’s leading to more televisits to see patients.

Instead of going inside a clinic when you feel sick, you can make an electronic visit with a computer or a smartphone.

It allows for your doctor to see and interact with you while limiting risk of exposure. Tc Community Health Televisits Vo 6.transfer

Traverse Health Clinic is one of many places using this new method.

They want to assure patients they’re still here to help.

“Our staff will also help them with navigating that, learning how to sign up to our system here. To our portal, our patient portal here at traverse health clinic. As well as, we utilize the helo app and our staff help the patient get familiarized with that,” said Behavioral Health Manager, Jennifer Strange.

If you don’t have a smart device or computer, the health clinic is also conducting appointments over the phone.

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