#Guzzle4Good to help ALS patients during COVID19

COVID19 is making all the headlines these days but we can’t forget about other people battling life-threatening illnesses like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Guzzle4goodALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The Susan Mast ALS Foundation based in Grand Rapids provides support for ALS patients and their caregivers year-round. This time they’ve created a new campaign similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge from 2015. It’s called the Guzzle for Good.
People are encouraged to pick a drink of their choice and post a video of themselves, drinking the beverage on Facebook and then make a donation to the Susan Mast ALS Foundation. They’re asked to tag #Guzzle4Good. The money will then be used for meal delivery services to ALS patients during this COVID19 crisis.
ALS patients already have an underlying health issue, so it’s vital they and their caregivers stay extra vigilant about staying inside and away from potential coronavirus threats.
For more information about the Guzzle for Good and ways to donate check out the Susan Mast ALS Foundation here
You can also check out the Susan Mast ALS Foundation Facebook page here.
If you have a loved one with ALS and need support or services during this COVID19 crisis contact Wendi Snell at: Wendi@susanmastals.org
To make a donation for Guzzle for Good through the mail here is the address:
Susan Mast ALS Foundation Headquarters
2500 Waldorf Court
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
(616) 622-3066
The northern Michigan address is:
PO Box 5712
Traverse City, MI 49696
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