Newberry Fire Department Starts Food Delivery Program

A volunteer fire department in the eastern Upper Peninsula is going above and beyond to support the people that support them during this pandemic.Newberry Fd Food

A couple weeks ago, the Newberry Fire Department started a program where they take grocery orders from people who are unable to get to the store.

They cover most of Luce County and follow CDC guidelines when delivering food.

Right now, they average one delivery a day but expect that to increase in the coming weeks.

“We wanted to support the community because the community supports us in everything we do.  We could not do half of what we do without the community support.  We are expecting it to pick up, obviously, because the president said we are going to be in this for the whole month,” said Tony Immel.

If you live in Luce County and would like more information about this program their number is 906-287-0526.

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