Whitmer Expected to Make Education Announcement

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to make an education-related announcement sometime this week related to the coronavirus.

Multiple reports say she will order schools to remain closed for the rest of the year.

The superintendent at Benzie Central Schools says if this is the route the state decides to go, there are two big questions he and other superintendents need answered.

The first is what happens to requirements for students to move up a grade or graduate.

He we would also like to hear details about funding for districts even though school likely won’t be physically in session.

“Once those ones are answered, a lot of the things beyond that are the things that I keep hearing from lots of concerned families and parents, what are we going to do about a lot of the social milestones, commencement is the big one on everyone’s mind. What are we going to do about graduation, and obviously some of those are things that will have to develop over time,” said Superintendent Matthew Olson.

On top of all of those questions, districts are looking at ways to keep teaching students remotely for the next several months.

That includes in areas that don’t have easy access to broadband.


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