Traverse City DDA Forms Recovery Team to Help Businesses Through Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on small businesses. 

However the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority is doing what they can to alleviate some stress. 

Walking down the street in downtown Traverse City is a bit more empty than it used to be. Dda Tc

Signs are posted on stores that are closed down for the time being.

However the DDA wants to make sure that everyone works through this together.

“Just doing our daily updates on what is going on, what are the resources that are there and helping them as much as we can with incentives,” said Jean Derenzy, the CEO for the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority. 

Incentives are there to encourage customers to keep supporting downtown businesses.

For example, if you buy a gift certificate from a local shop, the DDA will give you another one.

“For every $50 spent, you get another $10 that you can spend anywhere you want downtown,” said Derenzy.                          

The DDA also formed a local recovery team of volunteers that businesses can lean on for support.

“From an attorney to bankers to an HR professional to a business owner to a property owner that all came together voluntarily,” said Derenzy. 

For businesses like The Cheese Lady, this support means everything.

“Without that, having the DDA helping us with that, I don’t know if we would have the business that we have. I don’t know, we’re just really appreciative of it,” said Tina Zinn, owner of The Cheese Lady. 

Zinn says on top of that extra support, their loyal customers have been a tremendous help.

“I’ve had customers just saying we’re just buying because we know we have to keep you open,” said Zinn.               

She says this community is unlike any other.

“In this town, I don’t have to go looking for things. I have people coming to me and saying, how can we help you?” said Zinn.

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