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Acts of Kindness: Northern Michigan Fire Departments Help Celebrate Birthdays

There are a lot of birthdays being celebrated while Michigan is under a Stay-At-Home executive order. It can be hard to celebrate while maintaining a 6-foot social distance; but that’s why fire departments from all around Northern Michigan are pitching in to help make birthdays special.

Big Rapids, Manton, Haring Township and Kalkaska area fire departments are offering to show up to the houses of those celebrating birthdays with flashing lights and sirens. With the state of the world, this will definitely be a birthday to remember but the local fire departments want to make sure that the kids feel special on their day. They’ll pull up the big red truck with the lights and sirens in full force.

You can contact them on their Facebook page to schedule a birthday surprise.


Video courtesy of Regan Foerster, “A parade procession with the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office, Kalkaska Township Fire Department, Kalkaska Department of Public Safety, Michigan DNR, and Kalkaska County Road Commission teamed up for several local youths birthdays.”

Video courtesy of Lt. Aaron Popa of the Kalkaska Police Department.