Williamsburg Family Puts on Social Distancing Birthday Party Parade

The coronavirus has put most events hold on hold as people work to follow the Stay-at-Home executive order.

However, one Northern Michigan family was still able to find a way to celebrate a loved one’s special day. Img 1807

The Hubbell family in Williamsburg decided to throw a parade in honor of their matriarch’s birthday.

Roseanne Hubbell just turned 86, and her family wanted to give her a proper celebration while still maintaining a safe social distance.

Her family got dressed up in costume, decorated their cars, and sang happy birthday to her while they drove by.

Back in February, Roseanne lost her husband of 65 years and her family says they wanted to give love to the woman that holds them all together.

“She’s the glue. We call her the glue in our family because she holds it all together for us. So now it’s our turn to be the glue this time,” says Roseanne’s sister-in-law, Janet Hubbell.

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