How Should You Talk to Your Children About the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With kids out of school and at home, parents may be getting a lot of difficult questions about what’s going on right now.

Counselors say we should understand that children, like the rest of us, are experiencing a lot of unknowns, like when they can go back to school or hang out with friends.

When talking with them try to focus on addressing their safety and security with compassion. 04 07 17 How To Talk To Your Kids Pkg

Try to answer their questions but realize it is ok to not have all the answers right now.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is something that none of us have been through before. And so to say this is bonkers is something that we can just say, oh my gosh I can’t believe we’re going through this I’m doing the best I can. And when I feel like I drop the ball I’m going to be compassionate towards myself, compassionate towards my partner and towards my kids,” said Licensed Counselor and Podcaster, Joe Sanock.

Counselors also say it can help to set goals that you and your family can accomplish each day.

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