Healthy Living: Saving Baby Lorenzo

One in 100 babies are born with some type of congenital heart defect.

Now doctors are saving the tiniest of babies even before birth. Hl Saving Baby Lorenzo Pkg 5.transfer

One very rare heart surgery was done while the mother was just 24 weeks pregnant.

If the procedure failed, there was little hope for the baby boy’s survival.

In Healthy Living, Courtney Hunter explains how an OR full of the top surgeons delicately worked on his heart, the size of a grape, to save little Lorenzo’s life.

Lorenzo still has an abnormal aortic valve.

He’ll have checkups every six months for the rest of his life and probably in his teens or 20s he will need the valve replaced.

He’s not on any medications and doctors say he should be able to live a very normal, healthy life.

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