Shepherd Public Schools Staff, Volunteers Deliver Food and Fun

Many schools in northern Michigan have stepped up to make sure that none of their students go hungry while school is canceled during the coronavirus crisis.

Shepherd Public Schools is aiding their community during this time, but with a twist.

A large group of administrators, teachers, food service workers and volunteers have come together to put together breakfasts and lunches for kids in the community and deliver them, but two of their delivery drives have made it more fun by dressing up for their deliveries.

“Well the first day we delivered was the 17th of March so St Patrick’s Day, I’m one of these people that I’m always dressing up for anything and I had enough stuff told Mason he was helping me and he was going to dress up that’s just the way it is,” said David Brandt, who also is a school bus driver for the district. “And so he went along with it and it just evolved from there, kids were laughing so much that we just decided to continue it.”

“It just makes my day better, after this I go home and feel like I did something so it works out,” said Mason Cross, a sophomore at Shepherd who helps with the deliveries.

Overall, those helping are grateful they can give back to their community in this tough time.

“It’s very gratifying to see the kids and even the adults come to the door, they’re very appreciative of what we’re doing you get a lot of thank you’s and a lot of smiles and it just makes you feel good,” said Jay Travis, Shepherd’s athletic director.

“I can’t imagine kids at home struggling to get food and so we just thought what better way to give back than to make sure that kids have full bellies and are happy, as happy as they can be in a time like this,” added Mike Willett who teaches at Shepherd.

The group delivers of 4,000 meals to homes in the district who have children 18 and under.


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